Conquering Fear


For some, fear is a powerful motivator.  For others, fear can paralyze.  Should fear create paralysis, than conquering that fear can sometimes be insurmountable.  This is where I have been and continued to be for a long period of time.

For the past couple of years I have immersed myself in the development of a personal learning network (PLN).  I have read, experimented, shared with others, given presentations at state conferences, and grown from both a personal and professional perspective all because of my PLN.  It appeared to me that the natural next step would be to make my learning transparent and begin blogging.  After all, I was sharing with anyone I could the power of learning through reading blogs.  Yet, something was holding me back…….FEAR.

I have never considered myself a confident writer and it does not come easy.  Conveying ideas and or thoughts through writing is something I struggle with.  Yeah, I know this can be said about anyone that writes a blog.  However, I think I am different.  At least that is what I kept telling myself every time I would read a post by someone.  They had commas in the right spot, grammar was accurate (as far as I could tell), their ideas were well thought out, they had compelling things to say, their thoughts made me think and inspired action… could I ever do that.  Then I realized the biggest fear of all – other people would read my writing!  No longer was it going to be shared with just one other person.  It wasn’t turned into the teacher and given back to me with a grade that usually let me know I had to spend time re-writing my paper if I was to pass the class.  Rather, as soon as I let others know about my post anyone with the link could read my post.  Talk about the ultimate pair of cement shoes!

Well, I kept making excuses for about a year.  I investigated every blogging platform available and found a reason why each of them would not work.  Couldn’t email a post, the templates weren’t very flashy, uploading media was cumbersome, and so on.  In my mind that was enough to keep me away, but what it really boiled down to was that I was unwilling to confront and conquer my fear of writing.  That is about to change!

As of this day I am pledging to conquer my fear.  I will be blogging and sharing thoughts or things I find interesting.  Yes, there will be grammatical mistakes (just as I am sure there are some in this post).  Yes, some of my ideas or thoughts could be explained more succinctly.  Yes, I will continue to second guess myself when I hit publish as to whether or not this blogging thing is a good idea.  Yes, I will struggle with writers block.  Yes, I hope that what I share will be meaningful, helpful, or create action with at least one person.  Yes, I will continue to conquer my fear!

Who knows maybe this whole writing thing will become easier the more I do it!  Whoops, did I just end a sentence in a preposition?


About Scott Friedman

Reflective learner who enjoys time with his family and cycling. By day, I am the Director of Teaching & Learning for the Nine Mile Falls SD.
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2 Responses to Conquering Fear

  1. Chris Wejr says:

    Yes! Another passionate educator enters the blogosphere! I have added your blog to my reader so I can keep up with your thoughts. Remember, by blogging, you are modeling to your teachers and students the importance of learning by publicly stating your thoughts and the connections formed through this. Also, blogging is not perfect – we have no editors, no proofreaders – so we just do our best to get our thoughts out there (although I can learn from this last statement too).

    Congratulations buddy! Happy to be connected in yet another way.

  2. bucino ulje says:

    Of course, what a great blog and revealing posts, I definitely will bookmark your site.Have an awsome day!

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